Make your BBQ meats moist and juicy with this

Pittmasters and backyard BBQ chefs always hope to have their ribs turn out moist and juicy. They dread spending 3-6 hours getting a smoker up to heat, waiting for the meat to cook, to only take the first bite and find out the meat is drier than a desert. We come up with many tricks in order to not have this happen. 

The secret to moist & juicy BBQ meats

One trick used by BBQ chefs and Pittmasters use the Texas crutch in order to make their ribs moist. For those that don’t know the Texas Cruch is wrapping your meat, in most cases ribs, in foil for some time during the BBQ process. This traps the moisture and allows that moisture to re-circulate infusing the meat with moistness. Even, if you cook ribs, that are “fall of the bone” delicious, if it’s dry people it will not taste good and be difficult to eat.

Most smokers, especially those we have on our TOP list, have a waterpan. With a waterpan, you fill it with water when you put your meat in the smoker. Since the heat is well below the boiling point it will generate steam and will last the full time your meat is in the smoker. If you are into my style of BBQing which I dubbed “Fire and Forget” then a waterpan will go a long way to help you achieve this. If your smoker doesn’t have a waterpan you can get something that you put in your smoker near the heat source.

Some people put flavor in their waterpan like apple juice. I think this adds great scent but it doesn’t add flavor to your meat. If you’re looking for a great smelling whiff when you open your smoker to get your moist meat out to eat, then please add the apple juice. Do yourself a favor and use a waterpan.

Look at the juice flow off these moist & juicy ribs, and the fall of the bone goodness.