The benefits of an electric smoker

I like food, it might come across in a negative manner when I say that- but I enjoy eating, especially when it’s particularly well crafted and created food. When it comes down to it, I’m fond of any good food, but I am especially fond of good barbecue. A grill can make food in such a way that’s impossible to appreciate through other mediums; you can sear meat, smoke it on top racks, you can do it slow or fire it up and blast it. This is enhanced by the fact that there are dozens of different cuts, and hundreds of different foods, along with ways to season and flavor them that can be used to create amazing meals.

For the longest time I did this by firing up the grill in the backyard, popping open a can and hanging out under a blue sky while preparing a delicious meat. This is enjoyable but, to tell you the truth, I’m more of an indoors kind of guy. I enjoy my books, my shows and my games, the computer has always been the seat of some of my most memorable times. Whether it’s enraptured in work or studying a new idea, I’ve just always found it to be the most dominant tool in my life.

So I start to ask myself… just how can I make food the way I like, more convenient and enjoyable for me- without sacrificing the kind of meals I’d like to enjoy?


An electric smoker was the obvious conclusion. Initially, I had my doubts, reading reviews and comments from owners who found the taste to be lacking- or a myriad of other minor differences that turned them off of it. I’m a slow decider, I tend to read up and ponder, to really figure out where I want to go from here before making a move. You could say it’s a flaw but I’ve found a good bit of value in it, gauging when the concessions between different products with the same function were worthwhile between one or the other.

What do I buy?

I digress. Eventually, I sucked it up and I bought my first Electric Smoker a Masterbuilt 30-inch. I’ve found that, despite the initial mistakes in learning how to use it properly, it’s been amazing. The way I want to cook my meat without an issue and it won’t degrade the quality of the meats, not only that, but I’m able to use it whenever I want.

It also frees up more of my time, I’m able to do what I want once I’ve set it up, I can even attend parties and bring the glory with me- for those who still love eying those mouth-watering creations they make models with windows, you don’t need to abandon using wood chips either as a lot of designs pack a dish at the bottom for them, so far I’ve been nothing but pleased with mine. I haven’t noticed a degradation in the quality of the meat cooked in it either, all-in-all I would anyone interested in the move to give them a fair chance! There are dozens of models, with minor variations and subsets, to appeal to a variety of barbecue-aficionados.