Winter and maintaining your electric smoker

Winter is coming, and that means snow. If you are like most people that keep your electric smoker outside, and you are new to this type of cooking you are probably wondering what you should do?

One thing a lot of people do to protect their electric smoker during the cold winter months, especially here in Colorado is buy a good cover. I have left my electric smoker outside for many winter months. This was through snow and below freezing temperatures. The cover handled the onslaught of elements with aplomb.

Also before putting your smoker up for the winter make sure you properly winterize it. I like to remove the grills and give it a good scrub down. Make sure to drain as much of the grease fat from the bottom tray out. Also remove your water pan and make sure to clean all of these and leave it in a cool dry place. Make sure to remember the location you stored your things more than likely it won’t be in the kitchen, if you have a significant other, or due to lack of space.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you still can’t use your electric smoker for some good BBQ eating during the winter month. The great thing about an electric smoker is you don’t have to be outside when it’s cooking. For me the electric smoker is fire and forget. Just make sure when you plug your smoker in that the plug doesn’t cross any wet spots, and you take care to make sure the outlet is also free of water. The last thing you would like to do is electrocute yourself.