The benefits of an electric smoker

I like food, it might come across in a negative manner when I say that- but I enjoy eating, especially when it’s particularly well crafted and created food. When it comes down to it, I’m fond of any good food, but I am especially fond of good barbecue. A grill can make food in such a way that’s impossible to appreciate through other mediums; you can sear meat, smoke it on top racks, you can do it slow or fire it up and blast it. This is enhanced by the fact that there are dozens of different cuts, and hundreds of different foods, along with ways to season and flavor them that can be used to create amazing meals.
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Review of the Bayou Classic 2 ounce marinade injector for smoking

When you start smoking brisket, pork shoulder, or pork butt with your electric smoker you will want to start experimenting with flavor and moisture control. Cooking a big hunk of meat like that for hours can cause it to dry out, even with a water pan. A lot of Pittmasters solve this by mopping the meat for hours. Another method which also adds flavor is to inject the meat with a mixture of ingredients. I am going to reviewinjector I use, the Bayou Classic 2-ounce marinade injector. Continue reading “Review of the Bayou Classic 2 ounce marinade injector for smoking”

Best 18″ BBQ grill brush for your electric smoker

Cleaning your grill is important. You place your food on the grill to cook and then put the food into your mouth. BBQing has many things that can cause a mess like dry rubs and sauces. It’s important that you clean your smoker between each BBQ.

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Should you clean your smoker? And how frequently?

I’ve been smoking with my Masterbuilt 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller for years. It has moved to several houses with me and across state lines. A question I get asked by friends and party goers is “Do you clean your smoker and how do you do it?

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Make your BBQ meats moist and juicy with this

Pittmasters and backyard BBQ chefs always hope to have their ribs turn out moist and juicy. They dread spending 3-6 hours getting a smoker up to heat, waiting for the meat to cook, to only take the first bite and find out the meat is drier than a desert. We come up with many tricks in order to not have this happen. 

The secret to moist & juicy BBQ meats

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