Best 18″ BBQ grill brush for your electric smoker

Best 18" BBQ grill brush

Cleaning your grill is important. You place your food on the grill to cook and then put the food into your mouth. BBQing has many things that can cause a mess like dry rubs and sauces. It’s important that you clean your smoker between each BBQ.

In my article on how to clean your smoker I mentioned that I use a ISUDA BBQ Grill Brush-3 Stainless Steel Brushes to clean my grill. This brush fits perfectly between the rows on my grill and allows me to clean my grill with easy back and forth swipes. It has a fairly long handle allowing me to clean my grill without having to remove them from my smoker. The handle is a hard plastic and is easily cleaned under running water.


I highly recommend this grill brush. It’s versatile and can be used on all grill types. It can normally be found for less than $15.