Review of Quality United 18-inch BBQ Grill Brush

This review is about the Qually United – 18″ BBQ Grill Brush 3 in 1 from my best grill brush post. This item was purchased from Amazon.

Item Key Features

  • EASY CLEANING: With the long handle about 18″ and quality construction, with the 3 evenly spaced brushes you can be assured that you can clean all your grills
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Because of the spacing and easy conforming bristles you can clean any grill
  • 10″ Handle: You can use the length of the handle to apply additional pressure in order to get the deep stuck on dirt off. For your safety, it helps keep you far away from the heat if you don’t want to wait to clean
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – nuff said


As soon as I opened the item from the box I noticed the quality construction. It is a well made utensil with a long hard plastic handle. The length of the handle allows for easy use in your hand. I have rather large hands and find the handle quite comfortable. The brush themselves seem well made and very sturdy to clean your caked on grill. The long handle allows you to clean your smoker without waiting for it to completely cool off. On my Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker it can reach all the way to the rear most part of the grill.

The amount it cleans off the grill is impressive. I use a mix of dry rubs and BBQ sauce, tomato based, to prepare my BBQ meats. After smoking in the slow and low range of 225-250 degrees it really cakes on the leftovers on my grill. This grill brush has no problem removing that dirt. Mine also has a lanyard at the end of the handle allowing you to hang it from a nail or hooks you have near your grill.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, simple, BBQ grill cleaning brush than look no further than the Qually United – 18″ BBQ Grill Brush 3 in 1 it will be the last BBQ grill brush you need.